San Francisco

The simple guide how to make you happy in this awesome city
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Photos & website by Aga Naplocha
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Mild climate. Numerous hills. Ocean.
Bridges. Jogging people. Hyped companies.
Meet San Francisco - city I immediately fell in love with.

Warsaw 13/02/2016 . Photo diary created by Aga Naplocha


During my short, but very intensive stay in SF I visited many wonderful places. If you wonder what to focus on, check out my recommendations.

  1. Take the most comfy shoes with you. As the best way to do sightseeing in SF is just walking and feeling the city's atmosphere.
  2. Be open, smile often and talk to people.
  3. Don't get to obssesed with planning. You can discover many cool spots just by accident. Simply feel it!

Must see

It all depends what type of traveler you are - maybe a foodie freak, museum lover, chiller or free spirit? No matter what is your goal, I strongly advise to take a longer walk and explore the variety that SF offers.
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  1. Bernal Heights (quite steep, but awesome views)
  2. Golden Gate Bridge (of course!)
  3. Marine District
  4. Bay Adventure Cruise (it's fun!)
  5. Lombard Street
  6. Coit Tower (entrance $8)
  7. Golden Gate Park including Japanese Tea Garden + walk to the Ocean Beach
  8. Port of San Francisco
  9. Mission District (murals, hipster cafes and shops)
  10. Financial District (tall buildings and smell of money :)


There were some things and places which I didn't manage to see. Nevertheless, if you have more time it's highly recommended to go there.

  1. Land Ends
  2. Cable Car ride
    (don't wait in a queue, take the next station)
  3. Taking a bike ride on the coast
  4. Morning jogging on the beach towards Golden Gate Bridge
  5. Alcatraz Island (if you have enough time)
  6. El Farolito - Mexican food
Vicinity of the zig-zag part of Lombard St.
Pier 39
View on the Coit Tower
Financial District
Doge. I'm speachless. #wow #great #sf
China Town
Coit Tower
Mission District
Lombard St. from the top
Golden Gate Bridge & gull
Marina District
Ocean Beach
Market St.
Japanese Tea Garden
Palace of Fine Arts
The end
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