about me

Aga Naplocha

Currently I work full time as Visual Designer & Front-end Developer at Adobe.
Apart from daily work, I indulge myself in various activities.

This is why in the beginning of 2016 together with Marta Szybor we decided to create The Awwwesomes - an organization teaching how to create awwwesome things on the Web. Currently we organize free HTML & CSS workshops and meetups for designers and developers in Warsaw.

Although it's sometimes quite hard, I try to step out of my comfort zone and overcome my huge stress of public speaking. I have already given couple of talks on the international tech conferences such as Confitura 2015, Codemotion Milan or CSS Nordic Conf.

I'm open for new challenges and projects. If you're looking for someone to work on the web design, mobile app or art direction feel free to contact me.